About Us

We are a company engaged in the processing of waste, especially municipal waste, where we process waste into something that has a high selling value.

By using a special technology machine from Europe, waste can be separated according to its type, organic waste and inorganic waste, where organic waste can be processed into compost and inorganic waste can be separated according to its type to take plastic or Refuse Derived Fuel. The RDF is used as a substitute for fuel.

Satisfaction comes first

We always provide better service to each of our customers, where we not only share knowledge about how to process waste properly, but we also teach how to process waste properly.

We provide machines that have a good quality, with high performance and low maintenance.

Why choose us

Brand and Experiences are not just a perception and their perception will match reality over time.

Along with the development of technology, experts are always trying to develop machines that can provide good performance and perfect results and with low maintenance costs.
With good team work and trained and certified, we can provide good service and also share knowledge with our customers.