Brand is not just a perception and perception will match reality over time

A successful company doesn’t just happen. Success requires nurturing, year to year, to assure that customer expectations are not only meet, but also are exceeded.
PT Euromaschindo Utama was founded in 2011 and is a company that supplies machinery for waste management from Europa. Our company works with European companies such as Eggersmann GmBH, Willibald, Metso and Kadant Paal, which specifically deal with waste management.

With a professional team, we work by simplifying project plans that not only meet product perfection, but are also timely.

With more than nine years of experience and more than ten machines throughout Indonesia and with the principle of mutual trust and solid business values ​​that we always maintain, PT Euromaschindo Utama has finally become a trusted company to solve waste problems in Indonesia.